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Updated: Oct 12, 2018

I've been a marketer and event specialist for over 16 years now...but as things usually go, I've never actually marketed myself or my company. I'm simply too busy marketing everyone else's products and services that I put my own interests on the back burner. This is why I've never had a blog or even used my company's Instagram account (until now).

So why now?

As most people have heard, it's important to "DO WHAT YOU LOVE!" It isn't that I don't love what I do, I've just suddenly realized what that popular phrase actually means. It's not enough to be in a career that you are at least somewhat passionate about, it also relates to our every day choices. It's about the importance to do the things you love most, in our daily lives; even if it is only one thing per day! Well...

I LOVE DESIGN...I love interior design, event design, graphic design, campaign design, booth design, and of course crafting (sorry...I just threw that one in there)! I love making things beautiful, and although I live a busy life filled with motherhood, partnership, career and dancing (yes, I also dance), why not take a moment each day to celebrate my love for design. It's time I start celebrating my passion, and bring all of the different ways I design on a daily basis together.

I'm not actually aiming to market my services or company, I'm just venturing into the next phase of my life and career that allows me to celebrate my passions, rather than suppress them. My work allows me to design things...sometimes, but I want to design things all the time and share my daily inspirations with whoever would like to see them.

My blog and Instagram page will take you into my head, to share how I bring things together into the design world. Whether it's working on a decor project at home or developing a design plan for an event, it's a glimpse into my vision and a snapshot of my personal style.

Please Follow Me:

I hope you'll follow me on my journey and share your personal daily inspirations!

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